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In 1994 we opened the Cormoran Boarding House with 5 double rooms and 3 triple rooms. Being such a small building, everyone became friends with everyone and soon the regular tourists became our friends, and when they began bringing their friends along, the Boarding House became too small and overcrowded. In 2000 we opened the Cormoran Hotel 3* with 34 double rooms and 2 apartments with Jacuzzi. Being great nature lovers, we didn't feel that a Hotel is the best way to stay in touch with your surroundings and doesn't quite represent the spirit of the Danube Delta, but there are plenty people who want only the comfort offered by a hotel and everyone must feel at home in our Complex.

Room 1

For those who love the outdoor experiences and activities, a more traditional form of accommodation was needed, one that could blend in perfectly with the natural elements, but also make the tourist feel at home. Therefore, in 2003 Cormoran Complex from Delta Dunarii completed itself with 5 Type A Bungalows 3*, and 4 Type B Bungalows 3* and in 2005 with another 5 Type A villas. These structures are ideal for families with children or groups of friends travelling together, as they can accommodate between 2 and 8 people, depending on the selected type of room.

The Cormoran Complex from Delta Dunarii offers to its guests a wide range of services such as: restaurants, bars, conference halls, internet center, fitness, sauna, billiards, table tennis, swimming pools, sport fields (tennis, volleyball, football, basketball), horse riding center, rapid boats with 50/225 HP engines, motor boats with 15 HP engines and rowing boats. Please visit our Services, Recreation and Amenities sections for details.


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